Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What’s the Big News at the Costumer? A Catalog Shoot and Makeing the Costumer your Favorite Store!

The Retail Council of New York State has organized a contest to get consumers to shop locally. If your favorite store wins, you will be entered into a $500.00 drawing and the store will win complimentary Retail Council membership dues (up to $500.) We hope our fans will vote us their favorite store and get their friends to vote for us too. Go to Facebook.com/IShopNY and “like” the page and put in The Costumer Albany and Schenectady, New York.

The Costumer is getting ready to release their new catalog! With over 60,000 costumes and 395 show plots, putting together a new catalog means lots of organizing and creative thought. But the team at The Costumer is up for the task; theater is in everyone's blood. In addition to costumes, the catalog contains wigs, mustaches, boots; makeup and everything that you need to complete the outfit. The costume is a big part of it but the accessories are what make it look authentic. Actually the catalog is just the beginning. The costumes must be fitted to the customer’s measurement, and be sent out in good condition and cleaned when the costume is returned. This takes a multitude of people with each one doing their specialized job. Everyone takes their particular job seriously.

This week there was a photo shoot at The Costumer for the new catalog. I was so excited that I would have an opportunity to see everyone in action. The shoot was organized by owner, Kathe Sheehan, who obviously knows her stuff. I loved to watch the costume changes and everyone running around like we were preparing for a Broadway Show.

Shooting a catalog is serious business for The Costumer. A list of the precise photographs must be made as well as well as lining up models for the shoot. Everything must be professionally shot and look great.

By the time I got to the shoot it was well under way. The models were lined up; and the dresses were being fitted. The models were enjoying their work. Even the littlest turtle models liked wearing their costumes.

The turtles, Jacklyn and Jordan are Kathe’s granddaughters. Can you imagine how cool it is to tell your friends that your grandmother owns a costume store?

Skilled photographer Mike Hemberger had his camera attached to his laptop, so he could see which photos looked the best. It’s obvious that Mike has been at this for a long time and likes the Costumer atmosphere.  Mike took shots from several angles so that he could get the best ones.

Draper and Costume Maker Helen waltering altering costumes  Hair Stylist John tidying up hair pieces

While this was going on, Draper and Costume Maker, Helen was altering costumes to fit.  Hair Stylist Allan was tidying up hair pieces. It was like being in the wings of a Broadway Show.

Shots were taken for The Producers, The Little Mermaid and Forty-Second Street.

If you’re planning an event and really want to have fun, consider adding costumes to the event; it makes it more fun and unforgettable.

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