Friday, June 7, 2013

How to have a fun and patriotic 4th of July

The other day my friend showed me a flag that she was presented with when her father died. Apparently, he was in the Second World War. No one in my family was ever in active military duty, so I never had a very close remembrance on that level. As she told me about the flag, she became very emotional, “I thought I should do something with the flag to honor my dad, but I’m not sure what to do,” she said.

 My first thought was to get a flag pole, hang the flag and have a ceremony in the back yard. As I researched the Internet, I came up with several prayers and ways to honor our military. Until we unfolded the flag, I didn’t realize how huge it was. It was too large to hang in the back yard; it needed to be hung from the New York State Library.  The thought was there. I still read a wonderful poem that I found, and my friend felt honored. We decided we would have a 4th of July party, get dressed up and honor him again. Apparently, he was very outgoing, loved life and according to my friend would have loved having a party. It will be a fourth of July party.

All of my friends  water skied on July 4th wearing skimmer hats and streamers hanging from our arms. Ah, for the good old days.

I suppose if we were to get dressed up now, we would wear red, white and blue wigs or have our hair dyed.   The Costumer happens to have a Mohawk styled blue wig that would look great for water skiing. It’s actually a favorite.

Many businesses are open on the 4th. What can you do to make it a party day for your employees and your customers?

If your business is open on July 4th, how about having a 4th of July theme party for your store and your customers? You can decorate the outside with red, white and blue crepe paper and streamers, add plenty of stars and balloons, and you have a festive day. You can also serve colorful popsicles in the patriotic colors and have the local school band perform.

 If you can’t find an entire band to perform in your parking lot, how about a drummer and a flute player? If you want to dress them up, The Costumer has plenty of patriotic costumes.

You will definitely need a real Uncle Sam outfit, and The Costumer has it. The Costumer has a red, white and blue outfit that’s stunning.  Don’t forget, you can purchase or rent many of our costumes. Take a look at the detail in the costume, isn’t it great?  The rest of your staff can wear the great-looking skimmer hats or have more than one Uncle Sam.

Should you really want to go all out for the day, check out the 1776 plot plan.  This will give you a wide variety of everything you will need including wigs, suits, dresses and all the trimmings. Having to work on July 4th may not be on everyone’s fun list, but having a party usually is.

Get your customers to take part by having a contest for the person who looks most like Uncle Sam. You can also decorate all of your products for the 4th of July and give our skimmers to all of your customers.

If you have a party and want to get dressed up, come in and let us dress you and get some photos for our Facebook page.

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