Thursday, July 23, 2009

Halloween is approching!

Halloween is just 100 days away! Do you know what you're going to be? New items have been posted on our website and are slowly creeping into our stores, and in an effort to get everything you need for your look this year, we are cleaning up and making more room! Our Schenectady location is rearranging the store for a more fluid look. Our Albany location has moved the "Scary Room" to the front of the store. Both locations are starting to get new merchandise every day: M&M's are back! Captain America is available for the entire family! The updated Optimus Prime is HOT! G.I. Joe Rise of The Cobra has a very sleek new Ninja! Tons of sexy Dreamgirl costumes are already available! Check out the Bobblehead Pumpkin in the "scary" category! So many ideas and choices! Let your fingers do the walking at , or stop in our stores, and the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 ways The Costumer can add fun to your summer ~ Thea Coughlin retail photographer Albany NY Capital District Business

This blog was originally posted on Thea Coughlin's Blog on July 13th, 2009.

The Costumer Schenectady NY

A list 5 ways The Costumer can add fun to your summer

1 - Harry Potter Costumes. The Harry Potter Movie is coming out on July 15th. This is bound to be another movie in the series that will become a classic for your children. What better way to make the memory special than to experience it as one of the characters, by wearing a costume!

2- Labor Day Craft – Labor day weekend is often a day where families get together for picnics and BBQ’s. How about a fun and simple labor day craft for the kids? These white masks from the costumer is a great base for creating any number of exciting and a unique one of a kind mask for yourself. The mask a rigid is primed with a matte white finish and includes an instruction sheet with tips and ideas for the mask.” A few of these masks along with some waterbased red white and blue paint make a simple yet super fun activity for a labor day weekend craft.

3- Themed sleep overs – all kids love to dress up so why not add costumes to a wizard of oz movie sleepover, or a 50’s dance themed sleepover? There are so many costumes at the costumer that would make your child’s sleepover unique and one to remember.

4- Rainy day fun. Bring your child (ren) down to the Schenectady location of The Costumer and walk them through their costume vault and get a head start on picking an amazing and unique costume for Halloween. I was floored when I saw how many costumes The Costumer has in their vault, and their staff is full of resourceful information.

5- Add some magic to your summer. When I went to the Central avenue location of The Costumer I had so much fun looking through all the magic supplies they had. What kid doesn’t like magic and juggling? Terry is pretty good at juggling and Trey is very enthralled watching him. I will be getting Trey some of these fun magic tricks for him to start.

A few weeks ago I did a job for the Costumer of Albany/Schenectady. Amanda contacted me last fall to take some family portraits of her, Eric and their 3 beautiful girls. The session was so much fun and Amanda and Eric so interesting and wonderful to talk and laugh with. When I think of them I always remember their smiling faces and delightful laughter. That is a great way to be remembered don’t you think?

When Amanda contacted me to take some new photographs of The Costumer (there are two store locations) I had no idea the extent of the offerings available at their stores.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What does the New York City Ballet, Saratoga Performing Arts Center and The Costumer have in common?

What does the New York City Ballet, Saratoga Performing Arts Center and The Costumer have in common? A Puppy Dog and a Parrot, that's what! Confused? You won't be if you check out the ballet this coming Friday July 10 at SPAC. The Costumer has become SPAC's Official Costume Sponsor of 2009 where our costumes will be popping up throughout the summer. See if you can find them in the crowd. One can only guess what will be next!