Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Father’s Day from Duck Dynasty & The Costumer

Why is Duck Dynasty so popular? I really can’t tell you why, but I watched it the other night and now I’m a fan.  I admit I loved it.

I thought the opening shots of the show were sort of a joke, and then I realized it wasn’t. The outfits were interesting—long beards and camouflage pants. The Robertson families are self-proclaimed ‘rednecks’ from Louisiana. With 8.6 million views watching the third season, they’ve shattered E viewing records. Have you checked out their Facebook page? They have over 4 million likes. They’re just a ‘down home’ family celebrating National Sweet Tea day. (Although I read that Uncle Si doesn’t drink sweet tea.)

The family that prays together stays together is one of the mottos for Duck Dynasty. They may call themselves red necks, but they certainly have made their place within our hearts. The public has acknowledged them with their wallets.

We’re not the only hearts they’ve captured. They have just completed a deal with Hallmark so if it’s a Duck Dynasty card you’re after for father’s day, it’s on the shelf. Your dad may be a fan, but I’m not sure if he wants his family to pick him up for dinner looking like the Robinsons. On the other hand, if he’s a fan, he just might love it if everyone shows up in camouflage and long beards.

 Just to fill you in, the Dynasty is composed of the Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, his wife Korie; his parents, Phil and Miss Kay, his brothers Jase and Jep; and Phil’s brother, Uncle, Si.

They are endearing, very funny in a nice way and certainly far from stupid. These are a bunch of well-educated, smart business people that are playing it for all it’s worth. In many ways, they are role models, a family that has worked hard and made it. Phil Robertson started the business in an old shed where he made duck calls from Louisiana cedar trees. Willie is now the CEO of the company. The men are all bearded with amazingly lovely wives. That’s the part that really adds to the show. Where did they get those babes?

So how about a Duck Dynasty party? There seem to be kids who are asking their parents to have a Duck Dynasty Birthday Party. It is becoming very popular and we have supplied the hats and beards for them. How much fun would that be?

Let’s see, you can serve duck or have a crab boil and serve lots of down-home Louisiana food. You can go to their web site, check out the recipes. Go to the Duck Dynasty web site and buy some seasoning.

For the costumes, you can get them from us at The Costumer We have plenty of camouflage items as well as long beards in many colors.

You can get a camouflage hat to add to your outfit.

  We do not have a duck call but we do have a duck nose to complete your outfit.

Who does the show appeal to? As you’ve guessed, it’s not only men. There are many women who seem to like this shaggy, bearded bunch. The rugged, outdoorsy look seems to be pretty popular. However, maybe they’re thinking about how the group looked before they go so ‘manly.’

How’s this photo with the golf clubs? Certainly is a different cast of characters. Are the beards fake?

Who knows, it would still make a good party.

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