Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Employee Spotlight: John S.

Meet John S. - Part Time Sales at Central Avenue
Participating in his third Halloween this season, John is ready to get you your perfect costume. Friendly and informative, his helpful nature is sure to charm any customer who enters the Central Avenue store. As a sales clerk with 3 years in the retail industry, John provides excellent customer service, stocks aisles and racks, and cashes you out for your purchase. He is our specialist in the hat department and overstock. His driven work ethic helps keep our store going as he brings imagination and his love of Halloween to the table. A Fun Fact: John loves "Spamalot", the musical, because of the historical satire it represents.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Costumer IS Halloween

Now that we are in the month of October, it's time to decorate, dress up and get to 1995 Central Avenue for fun and fright this Halloween season. Enter the front door and head into our spooky room with creepy crawling things, a ghostly mirror, and an occupied coffin. Take a chance as you move through the darkness and scream until your voice is gone. Perhaps you'll get inspired for the perfect ghoulish Halloween costume. Be careful where you step out back, as you could wake the dead in The Costumer backyard grave site.

Just because 1995 Central Ave is our main retail store, doesn't mean our Schenectady or Colonie Center stores are lacking frightful fun. Barrett Street in Schenectady has a huge dark vault with rows of Halloween excitement. As you walk the aisles, lights flicker on, but who or what is turning on those lights? One will never know! Visit our Colonie Center store and you'll see the chauffer we hired backed our hearse right into the funeral parlor. (He now inhabits one of the coffins.) Head to the back to see our talking ghost. Don't get too close though, he likes to yell and scream.

The Costumer IS Halloween, and we like to have fun. Head to our three retail stores and have some fun too....because The Costumer puts the "fun" in funeral.