Friday, December 3, 2010

Employee Spotlight: Jenn D.

Meet Jenn D. – Production Coordinator
Entering her third year with The Costumer, Jenn has moved up in ranks landing in the Production Department at our Barrett Street location. As Production Coordinator, Jenn (like most employees), wears many hats. Managing work flow between pulling, alterations, shipping and wardrobe is almost a full time job. In addition, Jenn also helps work in the retail store, writes the Facebook updates and blogs, and assists with alterations. Jenn has an extensive theater background having shop managed, designed, and wardrobe supervised all over the country. A fun fact about Jenn: She loves rock operas because of the power behind the singing voices, especially "Aida" and "Evita".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Employee Spotlight: John S.

Meet John S. - Part Time Sales at Central Avenue
Participating in his third Halloween this season, John is ready to get you your perfect costume. Friendly and informative, his helpful nature is sure to charm any customer who enters the Central Avenue store. As a sales clerk with 3 years in the retail industry, John provides excellent customer service, stocks aisles and racks, and cashes you out for your purchase. He is our specialist in the hat department and overstock. His driven work ethic helps keep our store going as he brings imagination and his love of Halloween to the table. A Fun Fact: John loves "Spamalot", the musical, because of the historical satire it represents.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Costumer IS Halloween

Now that we are in the month of October, it's time to decorate, dress up and get to 1995 Central Avenue for fun and fright this Halloween season. Enter the front door and head into our spooky room with creepy crawling things, a ghostly mirror, and an occupied coffin. Take a chance as you move through the darkness and scream until your voice is gone. Perhaps you'll get inspired for the perfect ghoulish Halloween costume. Be careful where you step out back, as you could wake the dead in The Costumer backyard grave site.

Just because 1995 Central Ave is our main retail store, doesn't mean our Schenectady or Colonie Center stores are lacking frightful fun. Barrett Street in Schenectady has a huge dark vault with rows of Halloween excitement. As you walk the aisles, lights flicker on, but who or what is turning on those lights? One will never know! Visit our Colonie Center store and you'll see the chauffer we hired backed our hearse right into the funeral parlor. (He now inhabits one of the coffins.) Head to the back to see our talking ghost. Don't get too close though, he likes to yell and scream.

The Costumer IS Halloween, and we like to have fun. Head to our three retail stores and have some fun too....because The Costumer puts the "fun" in funeral.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Employee Spotlight: Shirley L.

Meet Shirley L. - Wardrobe Manager
Think your costumes magically clean themselves? Think again. Shirley heads up a wardrobe staff of up to four people that receive rental returns, check in inventory, launder and dry clean costumes and restocks the inventory in our giant warehouse. Having worked at The Costumer for almost seven years, Shirley also lends a hand with shipping and writing up orders. She came to us with over ten years of factory sewing, pattern and cutting experience and regularly volunteers as an usher at Proctors. One of Shirley's favorite theatrical productions is "Peter Pan" because it makes you know you never have to entirely grow up and shows you how far you can go with the use of your imagination. A fun fact: Mrs. Potts is her favorite costume in The Costumer rental warehouse.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art Night

Come one, come all, to "the greatest show unearthed." This Friday, September 17, The Costumer is showcasing and participating in "Variety Circus" at Proctors. The show starts at 7pm in the GE Theater.

An evening in conjunction with Schenectady's Art Night, The Costumer will be featuring our latest Halloween trends with special guest models Q103's Q-Tease and improve group MOPCO. Other acts include Northeast Ballet dance performances, Patrick P and the Tern Rounders music, a fashion show featuring local designers, and much more! Side shows include local artist work and special FX makeup demonstrations by our very own Dr. Dug A. Grave.

The event is FREE, so take a ride over to Schenectady for tons of fun and entertainment this Friday night!

Check out the following websites for more details and information:

Q103 WQBK:
Northeast Ballet:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Employee Spotlight: Helen P.

Meet Helen P. - Head Draper/DesignerHelen is entering her 21st year with The Costumer. For those who don't know, draping is a highly technically skilled position that involves creating custom costumes and unique patterns. She also sews new pieces and is part of the theater alterations team. Helen has an extensive costume background, having worked in NYC shops on Broadway, off Broadway, dance, feature films and television. She is always finding a challenge in creating newer and better costumes that are easy to alter and can fit many sizes. A motto she created, that fits perfectly for The Costumer, "No order too small, No customer too big." A fun fact about Helen: Our FAT ELVIS rental costume is her favorite...hilarious.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Employee Spotlight - Tammy V.

Meet Tammy V. - Catalog/Internet Manager
Talk to Tammy on the phone regularly? Well here is the face to the name! Always putting the customer first, she has been the manager in the Catalog/Internet department for over eight years. Since January 2002, Tammy has been working with and leading a team of four in fulfilling your internet orders and catalog sales. She gets the utmost satisfaction from providing you with the best customer service she and her team can provide. Regularly participating in dressing up on Halloween, Tammy was last seen as Raggedy Ann. A fun fact: Tammy loves how every production of Wizard of Oz she has seen is so fun and unique, while maintaining the classic story.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rock on with KISS

What's black and white and Q'd all over? Q103's latest contest! With the help of The Costumer (and our resident makeup artist), the Q-Tease are ready to rock out at the upcoming KISS concert at SPAC on August 17. Go on a scavenger hunt to find each of the girls in their favorite KISS makeup look and you could win tickets. Here is the link:

For a sneak peak, and a closer look to recreate the makeup, check them out below. The officially licensed KISS makeup kits or Mehron's individual color cups are available at our retail stores or on our website.

Oh, and while KISS is in town, maybe Gene Simmons will stop by one of our stores. After all, The Costumer has provided makeup to KISS.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Employee Spotlight - Ann A.

Meet Anne A. - RENTALS
Love the rental costumes you get from us? Ann is part of the two woman team who hand selects each and every piece your actors put on. For almost three years Ann has been working for The Costumer, having made her rounds through many of the departments. She has finally stopped in the Pulling department where we think she does an excellent job. In addition to pulling, Ann is also our head shopper, makes accessories and crafts, and assists in mending. Costumes are an active part of her life, as she recently attended the Steam Punk convention in New Jersey and participates in L.A.R.P. Ann has an extensive theatrical wardrobe background, including a B.A. in Technical Theatre. A fun fact: The last show she fell in love with was "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at The Globe..."the cast was full of life and a great sense of mischief."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Theatre

Summer, summer, summer time. Most people think of summer as vacation, fun and sun. Did you know that your 'fun' could include taking in quality professional summer stock theater right in your local area?

During the months of May through August, thousands of regional theaters open their doors to you, the patron, to produce top quality productions across the country. Right here in the Capital District we have Park Playhouse, The Mac-Haydn Theatre, Merry Go Round Playhouse, Lake George Dinner Theatre and The Theater Barn, many of whom The Costumer helps dress. While gigantic musicals tend to be produced, Shakespeare and smaller plays are just as easily enjoyed by all. Many of these theatres hire New York's finest actors, designers and tech staff. Chances are you would see company members from all over the country.

So while you are vacationing by a lake or on the beach, check out the local theater. Oh, and let us know what your favorite costume is!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Employee Spotlight - Dana C.


Closing in on four years with us, Dana can be found at Central Ave. any time of day. With a wide background in customer service, Dana is an asset in both opening and closing the store. Flexible and adaptable, she also helps pick orders for the catalog department, creates displays, and organizes and maintains the sales floor. A fun fact about Dana: The last costume she wore was a firefighter.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Employee Spotlight - Megumi S.


Like many staff members, Megumi wears many hats at The Costumer. Her specialties though are wigs and makeup. Having 5 years at The Costumer under her belt, Megumi is styling rental wigs, doing mascot repair, making craft accessories and providing individual rentals on a daily basis. She has previously worked in theater and film as actor, producer, stage manager, prop artisan and of course makeup artist. A fun fact about Megumi: Her favorite costume in stock is "Mu Shu", a red soft sculpture dragon from the musical MULAN.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elvis Festival in Lake George next week

Did you know that next weekend The King will live on right in our backyard? The Great Elvis Festival is June 2-6 in Lake George, NY, just minutes from the Capital Region. Want to participate in the Elvis Tribute Artist Competition? We have just what you need to look the part! Rentals or Sales, Young Elvis to Jeweled Jumpsuit, head to toe, we have the right look for you. Wigs, glasses, jumpsuits, capes and belts. Shop online or come into to our two locations for extra personal attention. The Costumer...for all your Elvis needs! Check out the official website for more details:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Our sources tell us tomorrow is "Buy a Musical Instrument Day". While we may be a costume store, some characters aren't complete without an instrument such as Maracas, Tambourines and Kazoos. Stop in either of our retail stores tomorrow, mention this blog, and receive 25% off any instrument in stock. Heck, we'll include ANY noise maker in the discount! Whistles, megaphones, clown horns....a great way to cheer for a new Grad! It's time to make some noise.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Employee Spotlight - Debbie M.


Debbie is our newest catch here at The Costumer. Originally from the capital region, Debbie recently moved back from Los Angeles where she was store manager of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as a coordinator at a Special FX Makeup Company. As store manager she provides the utmost in customer service, supervises staff and is an all around costume specialist. Stop in the store to meet her at 1995 Central Avenue in Colonie. A fun fact about Debbie: She has been sewing since she was 5 years old.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Barrier Spray & Setting Powder

We recently had a post on Facebook about the use of barrier spray and setting powder and when to use which, here is the answer:

In our experience with using both products we have found that a combination of both the Barrier Spray and the Setting Powders work best by following these steps:

-Wash the skin with soap and warm water, dry completely.

-Apply a few spritz of Barrier Spray. This acts as an anti-perspirant and reduces the effects that sweating has on makeup, which is great for hot stage lights and summer out door theatre. Let Dry.

-Apply your make-up setting each layer with powder to reduce smudging between layers and remembering to set the final layer. We find the Neutral Set works for most of our customers, but we do carry it in different tones to prevent muting of your makeup application or we have Super White to brighten your Clown White.

-Finally apply a few more spritzes of Barrier Spray to act as a final sealer to prevent the running, smudging, and smearing of makeup.

Barrier Spray is also recommended with our rentals as it reduces the amount of makeup transfer onto the costumes.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Employee Spotlight - Brenda K.

We want you to know us! From our Catalog/Internet Department, Production Team, Schenectady and Albany Retail Locations, Corporate Offices and Theatre Department, we have over 30 full time, year-round employees. During Halloween and Spring Show season it can double that. We want you to know us just as much as we know you. Our new "Employee Spotlight" starts today with our General Manager.


Brenda is the string that ties the whole company together. As General Manager, Brenda is in charge of day to day operations and tasks, including human resource management and billing. Brenda has been our "go to gal" for over 12 years and has a background in sales and administrative duties. A fun fact about Brenda: Her favorite musical is "Phantom of the Opera."