Monday, June 17, 2013

Clowning Around at The Costumer

What do you think of when you think of summer? Does your summer include swimming and vacationing or a trip to one of our state fairs?  Would you be interested in some ‘clowning around?’

We love clowns at The Costumer. In fact, we’ve serviced the local clown population for a long time.

When was the last time you ‘went clowning around?’

As long as we can remember, clowns were part of history. It can be traced back to ancient Egypt where some poor soul, which was handicapped in some way, was made fun of. In old Greece, clowns first showed up in the theater. Court Jesters go back as far 2500 BC. During the Italian Renaissance, several clown characters were introduced to the public. In 1768 is the date understood to be when the first circus clown made his appearance, in England.

There are three types of clowns that you will probably recognize.

The first is the ‘White-Faced’ clown; their faces are white-based, usually dressed in very fancy clothing with a specific purpose in mind. They always seem to have a purpose, and you will never see them waving their arms out of control.

The next clowns are ‘Auguste’ clown, usually painted in red, white and black. They are silly, always falling around and getting knocked about by the white-faced clowns.

The third clown is the ‘Character’ clown, who is dressed in bold colors and wearing various disguises. Their characters usually distinguish what they’re like.

If you want to be a professional clown, you can head off to clown school. You can attend clown school on line, or the most famous clown school, Barnum and Bailey

Barnum and Bailey have a wonderful web site where you can take your young kids, take them to Barnum and Bailey and have them create their own circus. It is really a fun online game. You can train animals, create a name for your circus and develop circus acts for your show.

How about a birthday party for your child and yes, you get to dress up like a clown.

Not to worry we have everything that you will need. We have balloons for making those funny creatures or maybe a new clown wig. We also have an extensive line of clown makeup.

Maybe you’ve longed to be silly and funny without anyone guessing who you are. If so, clowning is for you. I remember when I was younger, and I used to go to the circus when it came to town. I always wanted to be a clown. I would laugh so hard at all the funny things they would do. It was great and it always made me happy. Sometimes we don’t get enough of that considerable fun as an adult.

 Maybe you want to be a scary clown. They are just so darn frightening. Whenever I saw them on TV, I would never sleep at night.

 I didn’t like the scary clowns when I was young, but we have them at The Costumer also.

If you want to do some ‘clowning around’ come and visit us at The Costumer.

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