Monday, December 14, 2009

What to do after the Holiday's?

Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, or any other Holiday from December to January, we've found a common question after the Holiday's have concluded is "what do I do with the leftovers?"  But we are not just speaking about food anymore.  Quite often people who go "all out" for the Holiday's, in costume that is have questions about how their costumes should be stored!  For those of you that take on the Holiday Season in costume, please be sure to store your costumes and accessories correctly so you and your family can enjoy the fun for many years to come.  Most children's and adult costumes these days are made decent quality fabrics they can be washed, and they should.  If they have been worm more than a few times, they should be professionally dry-cleaned, or even a machine wash would be sufficient for many items.  And don't forget those wigs and beards, the better the quality the better they will stand up to washing.  Once clean, seal them in a large zip-lock bag or a large plastic container in closet, basement or attic.  Finally, if you have that famous red suit be conscious of who's little eyes might be peeking in that closet, attic or basement.