Tuesday, May 28, 2013

“All Shook Up” with the Elvis Festival at Lake George

It’s here again, the Elvis Festival at Lake George with five days of fun and amazing talent. If you can't attend the entire five days at least get up for one of the days. If you’re an Elvis fan, you can’t miss this. There are six categories of competition for cash and prizes. Fans will vote for their favorite Elvis. The winner will be competing in Memphis, TN in August. If you haven’t been to “The King's” home in Memphis, this would be a grand time to visit. Every time I visit I’m marveled at how famous Elvis was and still is.

Elvis was known for his ‘gyrating hips.’ These hips were considered sinful and outrageous to the older generation but to his fans he was enduring.  His appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956 is said to have helped Elvis move toward the mainstream.

It is said that Ed Sullivan did not want Elvis on his show until he saw that Elvis brought in 60,000 viewers on the Steve Allen Show. Elvis was paid $50,000 for his appearance.

Elvis starred in 33 successful films and globally sold over one billion records, more than any other artist. He received 14 Grammy nominations with three wins, and was named "One of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation" for 1970 by the United States Jaycees. He honorably served his country in the United States Army.

Why is Elvis still so endearing? It’s been said that men wanted to be just like him, and women wanted him! He was hot even by today’s standards and described as being kind and compassionate as well as being extremely talented.  Elvis is regarded as one of the most important figures of the 20th century.

This year Rolex has produced a video to honor the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It features the history of Elvis' Rolex King Midas. Elvis wore the Limited-Edition Rolex King Midas which can be seen in several iconic photos and videos. It is currently being auctioned with starting bid at twenty-five thousand five hundred dollars.

Elvis was noted for his signature jumpsuits designed by costumer Bill Belew and his team. It’s rumored that he had over 245 jumpsuits with one being sold for two hundred fifty thousand dollars.

In Elvis's two 1970 Las Vegas engagements, the first one-piece gabardine outfits (jumpsuits) appeared. Decked out with high Napoleonic collars, Italian-style pointed sleeve cuffs and flared legs.  See more at Elvis Presley's jumpsuit exhibit.  Here are some last minute props for the Elvis Festival. You can go to The Costumer and check out  Elvis’s gold  costume.

Here’s a white jumpsuit complete with flared legs.

We have several Elvis outfit’s that are sure to get you noticed.

Maybe you would like some big Elvis hair. Personally, I love these guitar necklaces to wear around your neck.  We have lots of others props, sunglasses and more jewelry.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What to do when your fiancé is a baseball fanatic? A Costumer Wedding!

Theresa Smith’s fiancé Arnie was a baseball fanatic. He actually was on three softball teams at one time. Theresa was wondering if she would ever be able to tear him away from the baseball diamond to get married.

Theresa started thinking; maybe they should get married on a baseball diamond?  Suddenly, the thought turned into a vision—why not? It sounded like fun, but would anyone take it seriously?

The more they talked about it the more plausible it sounded.  Where would they get married, how about the ball field? What first seemed like a silly idea was beginning to sound plausible. The food would be simple enough—they could serve hotdogs, beer and the regular baseball chow.

“I wasn’t sure about the details, says Theresa, but I realized it was a great idea. Instead of baseball fare, I could have a clambake with corn-on-the cob, baked potatoes, chicken and clams. This was beginning to sound like great fun.”

So Theresa discussed it with Arnie, and the baseball wedding was planned. The wedding would be held at the Scotia Glenville Elks Club. The club had three baseball fields, and a pavilion where they could hold the reception.

Of course, everyone would wear baseball uniforms, including those in the wedding party. Theresa wondered if the bridesmaids would like the idea. Much to Theresa’s surprise, everyone was in. The men were excited; they wouldn’t have to rent tuxedos, and the women thought it would be fun to dress as baseball players.

What would the bride wear? She would wear a traditional wedding dress and sit in the middle of the baseball diamond!

What gifts would the bridesmaids, and groomsmen get? Of course, they would get MVP trophies; because of their great ideas, the day would be a huge success.

Now that Theresa had the baseball theme decided it was time to get to work. The next problem was where she would get the ‘right’ baseball uniforms.

Theresa knew the local community theater used The Costumer so why not go there?   Everyone at The Costumer was excited and loved the idea. They suggested Theresa rent the uniforms from the Damn Yankees plot with Washington Senator uniforms. Theresa thought it was great—she decided the ‘W’ would stand for ‘wedding party.’

What kind of music would they play for the wedding? Of course, the theme would be “Take me out to the Ball Game.” Theresa started looking for an organ but eventually came up with an accordion player who was happy to accommodate.

According to Theresa, “The best thing about the wedding was having her friends participate in the planning.  Everyone was excited and loved pitching in. Those who spent many a “happy hour” planning the wedding were Arnie’s Cousin John, Theresa’s Sister Amy and girlfriend Sue.”

Planning a wedding is work, a major expense and serious business. What makes it easier is having friends who are happy to help and in this case-The Costumer. The Costumer turned out to be much more fun than a bridal shop and everyone loved the baseball theme.

If you’re considering a theme wedding why not stop at The Costumer? The Costumer has ‘plot plans,’ which provide 60,000 plus theatrical costumes and 390 different shows available for rental. The plot plans will give you an idea of what to wear, how to decorate and what to serve; it's bound to be a wedding you and your guests will never forget.

Halloween is coming and Bridal Guide Magazine suggests a ‘spooky Halloween wedding.’

Our hope at The Costumer is that Theresa and Arnie decide to renew their vows with us. What a good reason for a party.

The Costumer has two locations: 1995 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12205 and 1020 Barrett Street, Schenectady, New York 12305. Phone 1-877-218-1289.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Banana Powder: One Tweet and it’s on Fire! Where, At The Costumer

Ben Nye Banana Powder
When a big-name reality celebrity endorses a product, you know it's going to be hot! Especially when the celebrity is Kim Kardashian. 

“Ever wonder how Kim gets that gorgeous contour on her cheekbones? “To contour, the secret to doing it so it’s not in-your-face is to use a darker foundation. I use professional makeup concealer, which has a heavier consistency, and I apply it with a brush and blend it with a sponge. Then I set it with translucent powder,” says Joyce Bonelli; Kim's make up artist. (Instantly Ben Nye's Luxury Powder, specifically the color Banana, was being used by dozens of popular YouTube makeup artists.  These videos have translated into millions of views and millions more in sales across the country.  The public wants what celebrities have, and we have been selling up to two dozen a week!

It’s interesting how a celebrity can try a makeup, tweet about it, and then it becomes so popular.  YouTube and celebrity tweets can change business for a lot of people.

In the past few months, we have sold so many different shades of Ben Nye powders. We not only have powder. We sell a huge line of Ben Nye theatrical makeup for shows.  Our customers include theater students, clowns, and people who use Ben Nye for everyday use. Many of us use the Ben Nye mascara every day, and love it. It gives fabulous lashes that don't clump. The eyeliners are great because they come in a variety of colors.

The banana powder has been the most popular makeup product sold this spring since it went viral, we have sold massive amounts along with many other shades, including sienna and topaz. Ben Nye has a wonderful  line and The Costumer has had much success in selling it for theatrical purposes for all kinds of high school theatre shows. You must come in and try it; the foundation gives considerable coverage.

“Word of mouth” not only has made a comeback, but it’s now “world of mouth.” .  Now instead of just telling your friends in person about some new cool thing you’ve discovered, you can tell all of your friends all at the same time. Once it goes viral, who knows whose listening.

 I’ve lost count of the number of times a customer has told me “My friend just told me about your store; I had no idea you carried makeup." It’s exciting when someone visits the store for the first time, they realize we are not only a costume store.

 We are the only store in the Capital Region that you can walk in and purchase Ben Nye makeup supplies. You can come in and sample the makeup and get exactly the shade you need. Is banana powder the right color for you?  Come in and we will help you figure it out.

It's no wonder there has been an instant success with Ben Nye's luxury powders.  The subtle shimmer in the translucent powders adds a nice "glow" to any skin tone.  This year Ben Nye has expanded and improved their fashion makeup, and I'm glad to see it becoming so main stream.  It's not just for theater anymore.  Other new products include Sheer Matte foundation and more lipstick and cheek colors.

The Costumer has been a leader in the theater industry for over 96 years, but we don't just do theater.  As our vendors expand beyond theater, and social media continues to recognize new products, we are expanding too!

 We're more than just costumes; come see us for "The Fun of It!"  Want to try the new luxury powders?  Click here: The Costumer "Superstore", 19995 Central Avenue, Albany,New York 12205

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Littlest Ballerina At The Costumer

I received a call from my friend Kim about her daughter Mahogany. Her daughter needed a costume for an upcoming dance event.

Where would we go for the costume? Of course we would go to my friends at the The Costumer in Albany, New York.

It seems that Mahogany is getting ready to dance at Mallozzi’s in Saratoga for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She was dancing to the song, “Good Morning Heartache.”

Apparently, Alpha Omega gives scholarships to people in the arts. Could it be that Mahogany will win one? In any event, Mahogany needs to look good.  

Mahogany Akita is no ordinary 13-year-old.  Mahogany has been performing with the Saratoga City Ballet for the past three years. She has performed in the New York City Ballets of "Circus Polka" and the “Magic Flute.”

Akita trains at the Saratoga City Ballet and has danced with the Saratoga Children’s Theater and the Flying Kite’s Children’s Theater. She loves to perform, and hopes that ballet will be her career. Everyone who’s worked with Mahogany marvels at her natural ability paired with her hard work and dedication. Mahogany admits that ballet is fun but not easy to learn.

Mahogany works hard with everything. She attends the Waldorf School and has managed to be a straight ‘A’  student.

According to her mom, Kim Lisinicchia, Mahogany is a natural performer. Mahogany became interested in ballet when the doctor told her she was built like a dancer. Once Mahogany heard this, she was off to ballet school, and she’s been taking lessons and dancing ever since.

Back to Mahogany’s costume. Mahogany decides with Debbie, our customer service expert, to wear a flapper outfit complete with a headdress and fishnet stockings. Here she is in her bright flapper dress; she looks magnificent.  

 While at The Costumer, Mahogany decides to get her ballet slippers.  The Costumer has ballet slippers as well as tap and jazz shoes.  They also have dancewear and accessories for youth and adults.  You will find well-known brands such as Sansha, Mirella, Bodywrappers and Capezio.

If you think, dancewear is hard to find, you  need to head up to The Costumer to check out their selection. 

You'll find dancewear and dance accessories for men or women, adults or youth and for individuals or dance groups.  From hip hop dance wear to Latin, tap to gymnastics and belly dancing, you can get them all at The Costumer. If you’re looking for a gift for your ballerina, The Costumer has dance bags and sterling silver charms.

Leg warmers are back in style. The Costumer has leg warmers in solids and stripes for both children and adults. We know summer is here but there will still be plenty of cold nights in the northeast. Why not look while they have a large supply? Leg warmers are great gifts for those little and big ballerinas.

Will you need a fancy dress or shoes for your debut on Dancing with the Stars? If you do, The Costumer has those for you also. 

How about having a dance party for the little ones? Children love to move and imitate animals. How about having the kids dress up in animal costumes? 'Follow the leader' is a very popular game for kids—this time the leader and the kids can be dressed up in their favorite animals.

 This is a great way to have fun and teach children about different kinds of animals and the sounds and movements the animals make.  The children can show off their favorite pet and their talent.

 The Costumer has all types of animal costumes from the usual dog and cats to cows and my personal favorite, the crocodile hat. There is also cat and animal makeup to complete the outfit.