Thursday, May 23, 2013

What to do when your fiancé is a baseball fanatic? A Costumer Wedding!

Theresa Smith’s fiancé Arnie was a baseball fanatic. He actually was on three softball teams at one time. Theresa was wondering if she would ever be able to tear him away from the baseball diamond to get married.

Theresa started thinking; maybe they should get married on a baseball diamond?  Suddenly, the thought turned into a vision—why not? It sounded like fun, but would anyone take it seriously?

The more they talked about it the more plausible it sounded.  Where would they get married, how about the ball field? What first seemed like a silly idea was beginning to sound plausible. The food would be simple enough—they could serve hotdogs, beer and the regular baseball chow.

“I wasn’t sure about the details, says Theresa, but I realized it was a great idea. Instead of baseball fare, I could have a clambake with corn-on-the cob, baked potatoes, chicken and clams. This was beginning to sound like great fun.”

So Theresa discussed it with Arnie, and the baseball wedding was planned. The wedding would be held at the Scotia Glenville Elks Club. The club had three baseball fields, and a pavilion where they could hold the reception.

Of course, everyone would wear baseball uniforms, including those in the wedding party. Theresa wondered if the bridesmaids would like the idea. Much to Theresa’s surprise, everyone was in. The men were excited; they wouldn’t have to rent tuxedos, and the women thought it would be fun to dress as baseball players.

What would the bride wear? She would wear a traditional wedding dress and sit in the middle of the baseball diamond!

What gifts would the bridesmaids, and groomsmen get? Of course, they would get MVP trophies; because of their great ideas, the day would be a huge success.

Now that Theresa had the baseball theme decided it was time to get to work. The next problem was where she would get the ‘right’ baseball uniforms.

Theresa knew the local community theater used The Costumer so why not go there?   Everyone at The Costumer was excited and loved the idea. They suggested Theresa rent the uniforms from the Damn Yankees plot with Washington Senator uniforms. Theresa thought it was great—she decided the ‘W’ would stand for ‘wedding party.’

What kind of music would they play for the wedding? Of course, the theme would be “Take me out to the Ball Game.” Theresa started looking for an organ but eventually came up with an accordion player who was happy to accommodate.

According to Theresa, “The best thing about the wedding was having her friends participate in the planning.  Everyone was excited and loved pitching in. Those who spent many a “happy hour” planning the wedding were Arnie’s Cousin John, Theresa’s Sister Amy and girlfriend Sue.”

Planning a wedding is work, a major expense and serious business. What makes it easier is having friends who are happy to help and in this case-The Costumer. The Costumer turned out to be much more fun than a bridal shop and everyone loved the baseball theme.

If you’re considering a theme wedding why not stop at The Costumer? The Costumer has ‘plot plans,’ which provide 60,000 plus theatrical costumes and 390 different shows available for rental. The plot plans will give you an idea of what to wear, how to decorate and what to serve; it's bound to be a wedding you and your guests will never forget.

Halloween is coming and Bridal Guide Magazine suggests a ‘spooky Halloween wedding.’

Our hope at The Costumer is that Theresa and Arnie decide to renew their vows with us. What a good reason for a party.

The Costumer has two locations: 1995 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12205 and 1020 Barrett Street, Schenectady, New York 12305. Phone 1-877-218-1289.

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