Friday, May 10, 2013

The Littlest Ballerina At The Costumer

I received a call from my friend Kim about her daughter Mahogany. Her daughter needed a costume for an upcoming dance event.

Where would we go for the costume? Of course we would go to my friends at the The Costumer in Albany, New York.

It seems that Mahogany is getting ready to dance at Mallozzi’s in Saratoga for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She was dancing to the song, “Good Morning Heartache.”

Apparently, Alpha Omega gives scholarships to people in the arts. Could it be that Mahogany will win one? In any event, Mahogany needs to look good.  

Mahogany Akita is no ordinary 13-year-old.  Mahogany has been performing with the Saratoga City Ballet for the past three years. She has performed in the New York City Ballets of "Circus Polka" and the “Magic Flute.”

Akita trains at the Saratoga City Ballet and has danced with the Saratoga Children’s Theater and the Flying Kite’s Children’s Theater. She loves to perform, and hopes that ballet will be her career. Everyone who’s worked with Mahogany marvels at her natural ability paired with her hard work and dedication. Mahogany admits that ballet is fun but not easy to learn.

Mahogany works hard with everything. She attends the Waldorf School and has managed to be a straight ‘A’  student.

According to her mom, Kim Lisinicchia, Mahogany is a natural performer. Mahogany became interested in ballet when the doctor told her she was built like a dancer. Once Mahogany heard this, she was off to ballet school, and she’s been taking lessons and dancing ever since.

Back to Mahogany’s costume. Mahogany decides with Debbie, our customer service expert, to wear a flapper outfit complete with a headdress and fishnet stockings. Here she is in her bright flapper dress; she looks magnificent.  

 While at The Costumer, Mahogany decides to get her ballet slippers.  The Costumer has ballet slippers as well as tap and jazz shoes.  They also have dancewear and accessories for youth and adults.  You will find well-known brands such as Sansha, Mirella, Bodywrappers and Capezio.

If you think, dancewear is hard to find, you  need to head up to The Costumer to check out their selection. 

You'll find dancewear and dance accessories for men or women, adults or youth and for individuals or dance groups.  From hip hop dance wear to Latin, tap to gymnastics and belly dancing, you can get them all at The Costumer. If you’re looking for a gift for your ballerina, The Costumer has dance bags and sterling silver charms.

Leg warmers are back in style. The Costumer has leg warmers in solids and stripes for both children and adults. We know summer is here but there will still be plenty of cold nights in the northeast. Why not look while they have a large supply? Leg warmers are great gifts for those little and big ballerinas.

Will you need a fancy dress or shoes for your debut on Dancing with the Stars? If you do, The Costumer has those for you also. 

How about having a dance party for the little ones? Children love to move and imitate animals. How about having the kids dress up in animal costumes? 'Follow the leader' is a very popular game for kids—this time the leader and the kids can be dressed up in their favorite animals.

 This is a great way to have fun and teach children about different kinds of animals and the sounds and movements the animals make.  The children can show off their favorite pet and their talent.

 The Costumer has all types of animal costumes from the usual dog and cats to cows and my personal favorite, the crocodile hat. There is also cat and animal makeup to complete the outfit.

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