Monday, May 13, 2013

Banana Powder: One Tweet and it’s on Fire! Where, At The Costumer

Ben Nye Banana Powder
When a big-name reality celebrity endorses a product, you know it's going to be hot! Especially when the celebrity is Kim Kardashian. 

“Ever wonder how Kim gets that gorgeous contour on her cheekbones? “To contour, the secret to doing it so it’s not in-your-face is to use a darker foundation. I use professional makeup concealer, which has a heavier consistency, and I apply it with a brush and blend it with a sponge. Then I set it with translucent powder,” says Joyce Bonelli; Kim's make up artist. (Instantly Ben Nye's Luxury Powder, specifically the color Banana, was being used by dozens of popular YouTube makeup artists.  These videos have translated into millions of views and millions more in sales across the country.  The public wants what celebrities have, and we have been selling up to two dozen a week!

It’s interesting how a celebrity can try a makeup, tweet about it, and then it becomes so popular.  YouTube and celebrity tweets can change business for a lot of people.

In the past few months, we have sold so many different shades of Ben Nye powders. We not only have powder. We sell a huge line of Ben Nye theatrical makeup for shows.  Our customers include theater students, clowns, and people who use Ben Nye for everyday use. Many of us use the Ben Nye mascara every day, and love it. It gives fabulous lashes that don't clump. The eyeliners are great because they come in a variety of colors.

The banana powder has been the most popular makeup product sold this spring since it went viral, we have sold massive amounts along with many other shades, including sienna and topaz. Ben Nye has a wonderful  line and The Costumer has had much success in selling it for theatrical purposes for all kinds of high school theatre shows. You must come in and try it; the foundation gives considerable coverage.

“Word of mouth” not only has made a comeback, but it’s now “world of mouth.” .  Now instead of just telling your friends in person about some new cool thing you’ve discovered, you can tell all of your friends all at the same time. Once it goes viral, who knows whose listening.

 I’ve lost count of the number of times a customer has told me “My friend just told me about your store; I had no idea you carried makeup." It’s exciting when someone visits the store for the first time, they realize we are not only a costume store.

 We are the only store in the Capital Region that you can walk in and purchase Ben Nye makeup supplies. You can come in and sample the makeup and get exactly the shade you need. Is banana powder the right color for you?  Come in and we will help you figure it out.

It's no wonder there has been an instant success with Ben Nye's luxury powders.  The subtle shimmer in the translucent powders adds a nice "glow" to any skin tone.  This year Ben Nye has expanded and improved their fashion makeup, and I'm glad to see it becoming so main stream.  It's not just for theater anymore.  Other new products include Sheer Matte foundation and more lipstick and cheek colors.

The Costumer has been a leader in the theater industry for over 96 years, but we don't just do theater.  As our vendors expand beyond theater, and social media continues to recognize new products, we are expanding too!

 We're more than just costumes; come see us for "The Fun of It!"  Want to try the new luxury powders?  Click here: The Costumer "Superstore", 19995 Central Avenue, Albany,New York 12205

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