Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking For Some Drama This New Years? Try Some Theatrical Makeup And Setting Powders

Are you looking for a dramatic change for the holidays or just a way to keep your makeup up fresh? If makeup is what you're looking for, why not head out to The Costumer and check out their full line of theatrical makeup and accessories? They have everything from sparkle and sequined eyelashes, to brush in hair color and setting powders. You've probably been looking for many of these products but haven't a clue where to buy them. I felt the same way until I went to The Costumer. There I got expert advice on their stage makeup and what to use. Of course, they're noted for wigs and costumes, you may not have thought about them for what I call, “professional makeup tools.”

If you’re like me, but by the end of the day, your makeup has pretty much disappeared. It doesn’t matter whether I use expensive or cheap makeup; I’ve tried them all. I decided to check out the Costumer and they recommended a product called Barrier Spray. Barrier Spray is just what the name implies; use it as a barrier between your face and the makeup and a barrier to the outside world. The product, from Mehron, suggests that you spray it on your face to “set” your makeup. It can also be used as a base for your foundation to prevent it from being absorbed by your pores. It should be applied after your makeup where it acts as a setting agent. It works.
I’ve ever found anything like this product that really works. Instead of looking washed out at the end of the day, I still have most of the makeup, on my face! Another bonus is the makeup is not on my clothes or someone else’s. This product isn't fool proof but it sure beats anything that I know of.

I know we’ve written about it before, but if you’ve never taken advantage the brand, Ben Nye carried by The Costumer you’re missing out. Ben Nye makes theatrical makeup it’s meant to cover up or highlight and do it well. The makeup is made to stay on and look good under glaring lights. The colors are bold and highly pigmented; if this is what you want, everyday makeup doesn’t work.

Maybe you're not sure what color concealer you need. Check out the Ben Nye contour wheel with several colors you can blend to match your skin tone. If you tan in the summer, it’s likely you need a different color. If the shade is not on there, you can blend the colors together until you come up with the blend. Another plus is the prices are very competitive if not downright cheap.

Ben Nye also makes a cover for blemishes and bruises that work. I had some blemishes removed from my face and found the dermatologist didn't have any kind of cover up. One trip to The Costumer and it was all taken care of. Remember we're talking about stage makeup. They also have tattoo cover-ups in case you want to downplay your art work. All the colors are vibrant, good quality and provide amazing cover-up. Compared to department store prices, they are amazingly inexpensive. Several months ago, I wrote about the markup after finding out that a number of Ben Nye products are used by Kim Kardashian. If you want to learn more about face contouring and how to use many of the Ben Nye products, check out this video,

Happy New Year!

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