Monday, September 30, 2013

How About A Vampire Halloween Party?

As The Vampire Diaries Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” commences, vampire season is upon us. Halloween is the perfect time for a vampire party. Let’s start with a vampire mask.Of course you will need lots of blood; The Costumer has a “Pint of Plasma.” It is very authentic looking and will stain your clothes so be careful. However, vampires need blood.

HBO's hit series “True Blood” first premiered in 2008. These fangs are modeled after the vampires that are a part of the sexy, dangerous world of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

These fangs include everything that you need to create a set of custom molded vampire teeth. The fangs are comfortable, can be worn all day, allow you to drink cool beverages, and have a low profile so that they do not hinder your speech.

If you love red like I do, then this is the party for you. You can serve lots of red types of punch including tomato juice. You can make blood-red gelatin and use crazy Halloween shaped cutouts for molds. If you want to show movies, consider showing "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1992), "Shadow of the Vampire" (2000), and "I am the Legend."

If you want vampire music, consider “Cry Little Sister” from the Lost Boys soundtrack and “Vampires “by the Pet Shop Boys. Annie Lennox has “Love Song for a Vampire” from Bram Stoker’s Dracula soundtrack.

Vampires have also been considered beautiful as well as dangerous and immortal. They have always been intriguing to humans. They have taken their place in history as one of our cultural obsessions.

Need some party games? How about having a Jell-O race? Each person wears their vampire teeth and must finish their dish of Jell-O without using their hands. You can also put a red cherry in the bottom of the Jell-O. The winner is the first one to eat all the Jell-O and pick up the cherry with their vampire teeth.

Although not a vampire game, you can host a murder-mystery party and have everyone dress as vampires.

Every game you play is best played with vampire teeth. Bobbing for (Adams) Apples in a bowl of blood of will definitely be worth taking photos of.

Vampires also like the Death Stare Game. Everyone gets in a circle with their arms around other’s shoulders. . Everyone puts their heads down and then looks up into someone’s eyes.. If two people find they are looking at each other they scream and fall over.

You can also play “Vampire Murder Mystery” similar to “Clue” so you can figure out who the vampire is. I don’t know about “Pin the Tail on the Vampire.”

Wondering what to wear?

This is easy, capes, vests and fangs; everyone has to have fangs. Consider long white dresses, black trousers, and long capes.. The Costumer has lots of outfits to make your vampire outfit complete.

Decorating for a vampire party is also easy. Cut out vampires and put them over the windows and on the walls. You will need lots of bats and coffins. All of these things are available at the Costumer. Of course, you will need the Halloween sound effects. Use lots of red and purple colors with hints of black.

Have a great party!

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