Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Friday the 13th VS Halloween?

It is such a long process to get to Halloween. It takes a long time and a crystal ball to decide what is going to be hot for Halloween and what you are going to buy to put in your stores. This is the first step and it all begins in January at the Halloween Show which The Costumer goes to every year to prepare for the big day. We decided this year that Frozen was going to be very popular so we have put them on our website in anticipation of them coming in and being a big seller.  

Olaf seems to be becoming the biggest seller this year so far. Olaf can be pre ordered here. It is definitely the funniest Character in the Frozen Movie.

We can't always go with the cutesy Disney costumes we always find new and fresh items for our grown up shoppers as well. This year we chose Zagone studios which manufactures pretty creepy licensed masks. They are very well made and Zagone is becoming just as popular as Don Post was.     Goat Boy is just a great new mask and only one of many that The Costumer will be carrying this year.

This is just a sneak peak at one of our New mask wall. We have an amazing selection of masks. Not just scary masks, we have kids masks, animal masks, masquerade masks and so much more.

On Top of everything it is going to be a Friday Halloween and I say let the festivities go all weekend! This is just the beginning. We have been working very hard this year putting new and fresh items on our website. And if you are local, our Central Avenue Superstore is in the process of being transformed for Halloween. You will not see anything like our superstore anywhere else. it is simply amazing. Here is a sneak preview. Want to see more? Come on in! We are located at 1995 Central Avenue Albany.

A Friday the 13th Halloween. That should be fun all in itself to think about. Whatever you decide to do, have a Friday the 13th Movie marathon Halloween party with your friends; Jason will be there and will be very popular and creepy as he has always been and so will The Costumer for all your Halloween Costume, Props, wigs, makeup needs. We have it all and we are here for you with extended hours. Not local? You can always visit our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at thecostumer.com. or call us toll free 877-218-1289. We would love to talk to you and help you create your own amazing one of a kind costume. Because that's what we do at The Costumer and that is what makes us different from the other stores. We have amazing staff that have those creative genes to help you with anything you would like to create.


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