Thursday, August 22, 2013

Labor Day End of the Summer Bash Costume Ideas

September 2, is Labor Day, marking the official end of the summer. Many people will be spending their last few days away at the beach, and others will be home getting ready for school. The first Labor Day was created by the Central Labor Union to create a holiday for workers. In 1894, it became a federal holiday. If you’re at home why not celebrate with a costume party before the summer actually ends.  A costume party would be fun since most people don’t think of this day as a time to dress up, and it’s a good time to celebrate the ‘almost end of summer.’ Do you remember when you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day? I still have trouble with white shoes in the winter, I feel like a nurse going to work, but I love white jeans. Nurses aren’t required to wear white shoes anymore either.

In my mind, Labor Day reminds me of the song, YMCA by the Village People.

If you haven’t seen or heard it, here’s a link to a YouTube video!

Since Labor Day is all about work and jobs, how about asking people to dress up as their favorite profession.


Consider the following costumes: a fireman, Indian maiden and a presidential costume to name a few. The Costumer has plenty of hats and headdresses; the Obama mask is also available.

What to serve?

How about rolling ice cream pops and rolling them into red, white and blue candies? The usual fare of hamburgers and hot dogs are good. Just add some red, white and blue decorations. You can also have a patriotic theme.

How’s this for an invitation?

Is a Luau More Your Speed?

Okay, maybe this is too tame for you so plan a Luau.

The costumes are simple. Grass skirts for everyone.

If it’s really hot, everyone will love this including the men. You can say good-bye to summer with a relaxing luau. You can get Tiki torches and other decorations, serve drinks with pineapple and peach wedges and give out grass skirts to your guests. The Costumer has plenty of grass skirts.

There are lots of barbecue recipes but what do you do for your vegetarian guests? Here is a link to a vegetarian feast.

Are you interested in some games? One of the traditional ones is a hula hoop contest. Whoever can hoop the longest gets a prize. This is fun for adults as well as little girls.

This is also the time to resurrect the limbo.

Limbo contest is a fun game and will bring back memories for lots of people. You may have to warn people that you are not responsible for hurt backs. You start with the bar high and then see who can limbo under the lowest bar.

There is another game that is played inHawaii. It’s called stones and is similar to horseshoes. Everyone picks up a stone and tries to get it closest to the stick or post that you’ve put in the ground. If you hit the target, you automatically win. Or, you could just play horseshoes.

Why not dust off your patio and fire up the barbecue one more time and send out the summer in grand style.

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