Monday, April 1, 2013

What are you wearing to your prom? Check out The Costumer

What are you wearing to your prom? If you hadn’t noticed, prom season is right around the corner.

 I’m thinking of my dreaded prom, it wasn’t that much fun.  My mother wouldn’t buy me the dress I wanted—the sophisticated white one with the embroidered red roses.  She made me get the pink one that made me look like some old lady’s tablecloth.  

I didn’t like my date, I had braces on my teeth and I didn’t really want to go. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? I think it was.

Can you imagine if I had enough guts to get my friends to dress up like we were in a Broadway show? We might have even been able to put on a little skit at the prom. I bet everyone would have enjoyed that. I always loved wearing a costume and it seemed like I had to wait until Halloween to get dressed up.

Not anymore, why not start a new trend and wear whatever you want. The pictures will look a lot better on Facebook. They might even make YouTube if you decide to do the Harlem Shake.

Consider skipping the fancy, overpriced dress that you’re never going to wear again and opt for something really hilarious. Change the game, maybe you can decide to honor the most unusual and creative king and queen?  Decide what you think will be cool, rent it and return it.

Prom night is supposed to be a night that you won’t forget, right? So what’s so much fun about spending a lot of money for an outfit that you’ll probably never wear again?  If your mom is like mine was, you won’t get the right dress anyway. I hated those matching shoes, you know, the ones they dye. I notice they still do that.

Make  prom night a hilarious evening, one you and your classmates will never forget.

Okay so what’s out there for you? You can check out The Costumer for some period prom dresses or silly garb—maybe it’s just a crazy wig or prosthesis. The Costumer has Ben Nye makeup, take it from me it will cover anything. If you’re not sure how to use the makeup, we have books for that. The Costumer has everything you could ever need or want to give you the perfect look. They’ve got gowns, accessories, wigs and animal costumes.  You don’t have to wait until Halloween to get dressed in your favorite fantasy or wear something very cool.

Come in and we’ll help you choose something to wear and guide you to the right makeup. I guarantee it’s more fun than going to the Mac counter at Macy’s.

What would be funnier than the prom king wearing a hot dog hat or suit standing next to ketchup and mustard? Or maybe you just want some crazy teeth.

Okay there will be lots of folks in those long gowns and their corsages. But after a couple of hours of dancing, eating and feeling uncomfortable everyone will be wishing they could change their clothes. They'll wish they were wearing your hot dog suit.

Besides, you will get to be the center of attention and the photos will be the best part.

When you look back at your photos at your 20th year reunion you will have plenty to reminisce and laugh about.

It will be a lot more fun than wondering if you can still fit into that prom dress.

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