Sunday, April 7, 2013

Get dressed up before Halloween; the Costumer has plenty of ideas

Halloween isn’t the only holiday to wear a costume and a mask. So  why wait until Halloween to get dressed up and have some fun?

Have you wondered about the origin of Halloween? It’s been said that people wore costumes and wigs on Halloween on the eve of all Saints Day, November first. They went from door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for treats. It was often referred to as ‘mummying.’ People got dressed up, sang and engaged in silliness.

There as an ancient belief, that the devil participated in all masquerades and wearing a mask was a way to protect oneself from the devil.

It’s challenging to get adults to get dressed up in costumes and masks; the best thing to do is have a theme.

How do you develop a costume theme?

Having hosted many parties, simple themes are the best. When you ask them to dress up; people somehow seem intimidated or just don’t want to.  I always tell people they can’t come into the party unless they have a costume but that never seems to work. You just have to find ways to get them excited about dressing up for your party. I suggest you give out prizes for the funniest, silliest, unique and craziest costumes. It will help.

Here are some ideas to help get your friends in the ‘mood.’

Warm weather is coming so it’s a great time to have a costume party. In the spring, you won't have to wear cumbersome coats and or boots to wear over your costumes.

Everyone will get to walk down the street in their costumes.  One of my friends dressed as a banana for Halloween and said he never had so much fun or attention from walking down the street. People took pictures of him in his banana costume, and he was the hit of Facebook. Don't forget to post all of your photos.

Here's a simple and easy way to get your friends to dress up. Ask them to dress up in a costume using the first letter of their name.

Let's say your name is Clark. By the way, it's a great name for 'costuming.' You can be Clark Kent and superman or Clark Gable and dress as Rhett Butler from 'Gone with the Wind.’ (Let's not forget Scarlet O'Hara if your name begins with an S.)

Any of these are  sure to get you a lot of attention. If you decide to use this theme, then you better be very clear in your invitation so people understand what you mean. When put to the test, I’ve found that people are quite clever.

I would love to dress up as Lizbeth Scott in her 1957 film with Elvis Presley.”Loving You.” I could even go back a few years and get myself an elegant dress with a flouncy bottom, something out of the 1920s. You know one with lots of gauze and silk. I saw a couple of those at the academy awards!  I could suggest my date come as Elvis himself.

Speaking of Elvis, how about having an Elvis party to coincide with the Elvis Fest in Lake George, New York, May 29-June 2, 2013? The Costumer has Elvis's costumes and various other Elvis paraphernalia. If you’re an Elvis fan, this would definitely be the weekend to celebrate. There is nothing as cool as a room full of Elvis’s of various ages. How about Elvis karaoke?

Imagine a party with all those swaying hips?

How about a kid's birthday party where everyone wears  a costume. The Costumer has plenty of fairy and super hero outfits and how about this bee costume? I would give prizes for the most interesting, original and fun costume. Be sure to take lots of photos; the parents will have as much fun as the kids.

My personal favorite is an old-fashioned Mother’s Day. We used to dress up in our 1920’s flapper dresses  and wear them into our retail stores. ( My mom was a flapper.)

We took my mom out for dinner, had her picked up in a horse-drawn carriage and everyone dressed up.  (When you live in the country, it’s not so hard to get a horse and carriage.) Of course, mom wore a tiara. As much as she said she was embarrassed, she loved it.

Dad was more into props. When he drove the water ski boat, he had a manikin in the seat next to him. He also kept a manikin in the passenger seat of his truck! Yes, he changed the manikin's clothes weekly.

The key is to have fun—wearing a costume and mask is always fun. You just may have to help your friends get creative.

Why not get ‘costumed up, just for the fun of it? I’m going to call a friend and ask him to help me with an ‘Elvis’ night. Stay tuned to see how he does it. I just talked with him and he’s on the case.

Why not, like I said, just for the fun of it.

For more info on costumes, call The Costumer toll free at 877-218-1289.

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