Friday, May 7, 2010

Barrier Spray & Setting Powder

We recently had a post on Facebook about the use of barrier spray and setting powder and when to use which, here is the answer:

In our experience with using both products we have found that a combination of both the Barrier Spray and the Setting Powders work best by following these steps:

-Wash the skin with soap and warm water, dry completely.

-Apply a few spritz of Barrier Spray. This acts as an anti-perspirant and reduces the effects that sweating has on makeup, which is great for hot stage lights and summer out door theatre. Let Dry.

-Apply your make-up setting each layer with powder to reduce smudging between layers and remembering to set the final layer. We find the Neutral Set works for most of our customers, but we do carry it in different tones to prevent muting of your makeup application or we have Super White to brighten your Clown White.

-Finally apply a few more spritzes of Barrier Spray to act as a final sealer to prevent the running, smudging, and smearing of makeup.

Barrier Spray is also recommended with our rentals as it reduces the amount of makeup transfer onto the costumes.

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