Sunday, March 10, 2013

Need help with a wig or the Harlem Shake? We have both!

Why would you need a football helmet? If you were going to do the Harlem Shake, you would need a helmet or a huge mask to cover up your head. If you prefer a football helmet, we actually have vintage ones.

The Harlem Shake is definitely the latest craze; when and where did it come from?

There are varying answers to this but about 12,000 videos were uploaded between the 4th and 11th of February 2013,  and over 4000 videos are being uploaded every day!

Most people trace the craze to a street dancer named Al B, who used to entertain the crowd at the Rucker tournament, which is a legendary basketball league in Harlem. It was brought into the mainstream by Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, who brought the dance into a couple of videos he made with one of his artists, G Dep.

 What was considered the Harlem Shake has no connection to today’s rage. The Shake starts with someone, usually masked, walking into a room and dancing. The people in the room pretend not to notice until the Baauer’s beat starts, and then everyone in the room starts dancing outrageously. The outrageous dance usually lasts no longer than 30 seconds.

No one knows why the Harlem Shake has taken off except that it is within the crucial 30-second video length.

Need help putting your Harlem Shake video together? Call us. The Costumer has horse heads, chicken heads and plenty of other ‘big heads to wear for the event.

If that doesn’t work, we’ve still got the Easter bunny. Remember Easter is just around the corner, and we’ve got lots of costumes.

Looking for a wig? We’ve got plenty of them. In fact, we have so many; we need a wig stylist to keep everything current.

Our wig stylist, Allen Yeardon, boasts 52 years in the business but came out of  retirement and take another swing at hair styling. This time is a little different; Allen is styling wigs for The Costumer located in Schenectady, New York. The Costumer has hundreds of wigs for theater and everyday wear in stock. Their are costume wigs, fake beards, costume moustaches, even costume mullet wigs (you don’t really want to have to grow one of your own, do you?) in stock throughout the year.

The day I checked out Allen he was styling  a  Marie Antoinette wig. (I also noticed he was wearing the male version while he was working. One of the perks he says. )

Allen explains that wigs take a lot of care. Unlike human hair that continues to grow and has its own natural oils, wigs need particular treatments to keep them looking good. Wigs have a tendency to get the ‘frizzes’ around the edges, unless they are conditioned with the right products.

The key to looking good in a wig, according to Allen, is to make sure your natural hair is tucked securely under the wig cap so you don’t have a ‘wig malfunction.’

Common sense tells you that the wig should be placed on your head similar to where your hair is naturally. There are straps inside the cap that can be t be adjusted for a firmer hold or if necessary, tape and glue can be used.

Apparently, the hair under the wig provides the platform for the wig and must be positioned to keep the wig stable and natural looking. If the wig doesn’t look right, it’s likely because it hasn’t been positioned or styled properly.

The  quality of wigs is so much better than they were years ago. The wigs must be able to last through continuing performances as well as a number of changes during the performance. If a performer portrays a number of characters in a show, it may require having several wig changes.

Usually we can tell if someone has been wearing a wig, but it’s been said that Raquel Welch has been wearing wigs for years, and no one ever questioned her brunette locks. In her case, she had the same color for years, and it always looked natural. No doubt she has more than one wig.

And then there was Lucille Ball who looked like she was wearing a red wig but wasn’t.

“Many people think you can put on the wig and go, says Allen. This is like getting out of bed and not combing and brushing your own hair. It has to be placed properly on the wearer’s head so it looks like its part of their head. There are ear tabs inside of the cap to guide where the wig should be positioned. One of my jobs is to make sure wigs fit properly.”

Contact us for the  finishing touches on your costume with a wig, beard or moustache.


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